Thursday, August 4, 2011

What You Should Know About the nVoidz Omniverse

"Stream of Consciousness" is a micro fiction story I wrote scheduled to be in the online publication "Flashshot" today. The micro story takes place in my nVoidz universe -- er, I guess it should be "omniverse" since it deals with multiple universes and dimensions.

The micro story is in the perspective of a super-computer called the Counsciousness. I created a tab on this website giving details of the nVoidz omniverse, and here's a quick explanation I used:

"Humans have been extinct for millions of years. However, before their demise, they created a living machine called the Consciousness. This being of thought in turn created ghostlike beings called Overseers whose purpose is to unlock and harness the powers of the omniverse (multiple universes). By fusing the dimensional powers of a universe into adaptable alien chromosomes, they created nVoidz, self-efficient beings with universal powers such as light, gravity, friction, and other fundamental abilities."

Read the micro fiction story here and check out the "nVoidz Omniverse" tab on this website for more information.


  1. I love the whole Stream of consciousness concept. I'm dying to know.... Does the consciousnes have simple human needs?

  2. Spacerguy, thanks for following! The Consciousness has an organic-based computer system that ends up feeding off a planet, but it simultaneously lives through nine beings called Enneads via thoughts.

    Yep, in addition to some mental desires, the Consciousness -- through the Enneads -- have everyday bodily needs to an extent since the self-sustaining nVoidz aren't created yet. I guess that means it needs a food "replicator" (Star Trek) and waste extraction system!

  3. Nice job, sounds like a great universe. Impressive story as well.

  4. Fascinating stuff. Great world building. Wish I could have read the story, but its not on the site anymore. Any links?
    P.S. Your comment about Einstein v. Stephen Hawkings is our comment of the week! Your comment and a link to your blog will stay up for the next seven days as a shout-out. Congrats!

  5. Monkey Migraine, thanks!

    Maurice, I absolutely loved that video. About the micro-story, apparently the site only keeps them on the website for 10 days. The story is very short (the shortest one I've written), so here it is below:

    Why am I alone when I have the collective minds of mankind, although I killed them, but they foresaw their deaths and created Me, their super-computer -- no, not computer, I am much more than that: I am god -- yet who can I rule but the aliens who will not obey ... ah, perhaps I will split my mind into beings of thought called Overseers to rule the aliens and worship Me, and collect the secrets of the universe, and integrate them into My being so I will be omniscient; I can recreate the universe.


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