nVoidz Omniverse

Humans have been extinct for millions of years. However, before their demise, they created a living machine called the Consciousness. This being of thought in turn created ghostlike beings called Overseers whose purpose is to unlock and harness the powers of the omniverse (multiple universes). By fusing the dimensional powers of a universe into adaptable alien chromosomes, they created nVoidz, self-efficient beings with universal powers such as light, gravity, friction, and other fundamental abilities.

That is the bases of my nVoidz omniverse. It started as an experimentation of what life would be like if humans went the way of the dinosaurs. I'm working on stories that take place in the omniverse, and I plan to collect them into one book.

Here are some additional information about the omniverse:

1. nVoids are self-sustainable, meaning they don’t have to breath, eat, drink or rely on anything for survival. They only do these things because they want to, think they have to or will it to be.

2. The omniverse is comprised of an almost infinite amount of dimensional layers with its own property such as light, gravity, friction, etc. An nVoid is the embodiment of one of those dimensions with an Overseer as its mind and adaptive alien DNA as its body.

3. nVoidz’ bodies contain the DNA of alien creatures called kathyrrinz, which can adapt according to their environment. Thus, nVoidz don’t have to wear clothing -- their bodies form calluses as armor.

4. Most nVoidz grow up in a certain reality (i.e., a human world like our own) and after discovering their power, are taken to the Omega Point, where they learn how to use their power.

5. When nVoidz die, two things will occur: 1. The ability they have will be void in that galaxy. 2. An alternate galaxy will have that ability in excess due to that property being transferred. (For instance, if the character Spectrum dies, one galaxy will no longer have light while an alternate one will have too many photons.)

6. Humans were actually alone in the universe, despite their search for extraterrestrial life. Because of this, they terraformed planets and created aliens long before their demise.

7. Technology mainly consists of creating and manipulating atoms and organic compounds to form whatever structures are desired.

8. Weapons are unusual and not the typical guns and swords we are used to (unless a story is about an nVoid growing up in that era of time). For instance, there are small creatures called Fissions that can fly to a spot and explode like a nuclear bomb. nVoidz’ powers and bodies are their weapons, so they don’t need devices.

Although I wrote short stories that take place in this universe, I have a book trilogy planned out as well. It chronicles a teenage character who becomes Spectrum living a seemingly normal life when he discovers his power over light, accidentally destroys Earth, which he learns is fake, and is taken to the Omega Point. There, he befriends military-minded Gravix, who has the power of gravity. He later teams up with former-serial killer Vivian, who has the power of life, and a crazy, old, blind creature named eCHO, who has the power of sound. When Spectrum discovers the truth about what their powers are really used for, he leads the group against the powers-that-may-be to stop them.
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