Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eight Social Networking Websites for Book Lovers

If you enjoy social networking, you likely have heard of popular social networking websites such as (the network king), (the dethroned king), (micro-blogging), (for professionals), and (create your own social network), but what about sites specifically made for book lovers?

Below is a list of eight social networking websites I am aware of that involve books. They're alphabetized rather than ranked (since I couldn't make up my mind on how they would be ranked).

1. - You can make a virtual bookshelf, show off your shelf on a blog, check out books like a library, and connect with other book lovers, among other things.

2. - Like other sites, you can recommend books and see what authors and friends are reading.

3. - I personally like this site, although it's more of site for reading rather than connecting. There are a lot of free books you can read and comment on right next to the text. You also can chat, create groups, or upload your own book for free or at a cost. (By the way, there's a science fiction category that has free classic science fiction books.)

4. - It's the largest social network for readers where you can make recommendations, create book clubs, organize your readings, etc.

5. - You can catalog books and network with others, but you can't buy books there.

6. - This is a document-sharing website where you can upload your writings and/or read other writings (including books) for free or at a cost. It used to present materials in Adobe Flash but now uses HTML5 (which I'm disappointed about because pages are now stacked on top of each other).

7. - In this website bought by Amazon, you can build virtual bookshelves; recommend, rate and review books; and connect with other readers, among other things.

8. - It's similar to the other websites, in which you can connect with readers and recommend books.

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