Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alien Bacteria Found. Do Aliens Exist?

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend a science fiction convention (ShevaCon or StellarCon) this weekend because my car unexpectly needed a new radiator, which zapped my finances. I had planned to blog about the convention I was going to attend, but, alas, I am unable to, so I present you with something entirely different: whether aliens exist.

I found an article today posted on Yahoo News strikingly interesting. It's from Digital Trends and titled "NASA scientist finds evidence of alien life," written by Andrew Couts. Here is the Web address:

Alien life up to now has been a thing of science fiction, but now it is claimed as fact. Although, I am under the personal belief that mankind is the only intellectual life form in the university due to the sheer complexity needed for that development, I believe alien bacteria is plausible.

It is claimed the fossils of bacteria were found in a meteorite, and scientists from around the world are studying it. Naturally, there will be cries of a conspiracy or other explanations to debunk the finding, but I'm not going to get into that. This discovery is even more important than last year's reports of finding ice on the Moon and the discovery of planet Gliese 581 g (nicknamed Zarmina) in the "Goldilocks" habitable zone. But it could very well turn out like the thought-to-have-been-alien-related GFAJ-1 strain of bacteria reported last year.

So what do you think? Do aliens exist?


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