Saturday, April 2, 2011

Odd News and Transformers

A saw a video of odd news from Yahoo News that I'm going to share. It includes an alleged sighting of a Bigfoot as well as the existence of a Chupacabra being debunked. There also is a man named Moses Lanham Jr. who can turn his feet backward.

Lastly, Drew Beaumier wants to market his "morph machines," or Transformers suits, that can transform and drive. Beaumier was on American Idol with the suit. It's good to know that the science fiction cartoon and now movie series Transformers has such a devoted fan. I'm sure he gets lots of photo opportunities.

Do you remember Greg Proops from the Whose Line Is It Anyway? show (hopefully you've watched it)? Well he's the anchor, so he puts a funny twist on the odd news. Here's the video:

And since Beaumier is the star of the video, as a tribute to him, here's a trailer for the next Transformers movie coming to theaters July 1.

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