Saturday, September 24, 2011

Three Websites You Should Know that List Short Story Magazines

If you have trouble finding the right magazines to submit your science fiction short stories, if you're new to the submission process, or if you just want to a find a magazine for your reading pleasure, there are only three websites you should know, which are valuable resources:
The links above will either go to a page that lists magazines or to one where you can search for magazines.

If you just want to know the professional magazines or anthologies that publish science fiction short stories -- which meet Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America qualifications -- here are 21 markets from (they are not all currently open to submissions, however):


  1. Awesome list!
    Milo James Fowler, one of my blogger buddies, has posted hundreds of magazine and website links for science fiction and fantasy short stories. He's also had a dozen or so accepted this year.

  2. Everyone, I fixed the link for I searched for science fiction short story publications on that website and had 275 results.

    Alex, I found Milo James Fowler's blog but can't find his list, though. It looks looks like he has some great stuff on his site, so thanks for letting me know about it.

  3. M Pax, I heard author Allen Wold mention at an author event and love it.


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