Saturday, December 10, 2011

Well I Never Blogfest

The blog Rambles & Randomness recently posted a "Well I Never Blogfest" so I'm going to give it a try with experiences related to science fiction (better late than never!).

Well ...
  • I never bought a copy of the Battlefield Earth movie after watching it in theaters, but I did buy the book and read it.
  • I never knew that a 32X game I own called Spider-Man: Web of Fire is worth more than $100 until today.
  • I never read Isaac Asimov's Foundation books although own some of the books and want to read them someday (I have too many books to read as it is).
  • I never could get into Dune. I'm sorry.
  • I never dressed up as a character at science fiction conventions, although I did enjoy seeing Darth Vader.
That's all I can think of right now. Also, as a reminder, December is "Reid Kemper's Blog Swap Month," so check out my previous post to learn about it and sign up!


  1. Great list! I have tons of books (like Lord of the Rings) I hope to read someday. I'll have to be retired to get through them all.

  2. My brother read Battlefield Earth and said it's much better than the movie. I'm totally dressing up at the next comic convention if I can get in shape for my Power Man outfit.

  3. Vicki, same here. I don't think I'll ever read them all.

    Geektwins, yeah, that's why I didn't buy the movie. I read the book first and was disappointed by the film. Somebody I knew actually walked out in the middle of the film. As for your outfit, "Sweet Christmas!"


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