Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Imagine Reading on Flexible and Transparent Screens; It's No Longer Science Fiction

I may be a little behind in new technology updates, but I saw a report about a bendable e-reader device called Wexley Flex One. Imagine reading books on this thing (science fiction books, in my case) without worrying about dropping it and breaking the screen. Here's a video of the device:

But this is not the only thing that utilizes this technology. Samsung is making smartphones that use it, and I'm quite impressed. It seems that bendable screens from science fiction stories have finally come to reality. Here's a video of some concept phones that will use this technology and what you can do with it:

Soon, we'll get transparent screens, but it may take a bit longer for them to become widely used. I wonder how that will affect reading. Will it make text easier on the eyes or just provide distractions from what's behind the screen? I love videos, so here's one on transparent screens:

What are your thoughts about this new technology and its implication for reading books?


  1. Not sure about the clear screen but a bendable phone or tablet would be a big plus.

  2. Transparent screens would make things uncomfortable for people trying reading / watching things that they didn't want people on the other side knowing about.


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