Saturday, April 5, 2014

Reid Review: 'Star Wars: Threads of Destiny' Best Fan-Made Movie?

Threads of Destiny movie poster collection.
Fan-made movies, although thoughtful, usually are terrible in quality, which hinders the audience's experience. Not this film. Star Wars: Threads of Destiny, directed by Rasmus Tirzitis, recently was released after nine years of development. It had a small budget of between $5,500 and $6,000, involved more than 100 volunteers, and was created to showcase their talents, according to its website: Although it had a low budget, it seems that its talented volunteers worked well with their resources and made a surprisingly good fan film.

It won't win any battles as a feature film, but it's quality is on par with a made-for-television film, which is actually really good for a fan-made movie. The acting was convincing despite some flaws from side characters, and the effects must have taken a long time to do but paid off. There wasn't as much action as official Star Wars movies, but the action scenes it had were suspenseful and felt like I was watching official Star Wars scenes. Of course, the heart of the movie was its story, and it delivered a Star Wars-like experience. Frankly, I think it's the best fan film I've ever seen.

It stars Patrik Hont, Carolina Neurath, Karl Lindqvist, Andreas Rylander, Karl Windén and Pale Olofsson and was produced by Tirzitis Entertainment, Branbomm film, and Eclipse FX, according to its website. I'd only recommend seeing this movie if you've seen the official Star Wars films. It's apparently made for fans of the franchise.

You can download the movie for free on its website: Or you can watch it below.

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