Saturday, June 21, 2014

Reid Stories: Zone of the Enders Remix and VECTO Chapter 1.5

Here's a remix video for Zone of the Enders HD Collection for the PS3:

"Zone of the Enders (ゾーン オブ エンダーズ Zōn obu Endāzu?), commonly referred to by the acronym Z.O.E., is a video game franchise created by Hideo Kojima and the video game publisher Konami, and expanded on by the animation studio Sunrise. The original Zone of the Enders was developed for the launch of the PlayStation 2, which has so far spawned a sequel, a Game Boy Advance side-story, an OVA movie, and a twenty-six episode anime series." - Wikipedia

Here's where you can buy the second game in the series for the PS2 (my favorite one): Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner.

And here's my VECTO scene of the week:

(Previously: Vecto reveals his identity to military police commander Sable and blames Sable for reviving Morphaal. He threatens Sable to tell him where Morphaal is, but Sable offers a deal.)

Sable smirked and clicked a button on his sleeve. The wall behind him screeched apart. Layers unraveled as Sable stepped back into the crack of the wall. The edges retreated, and a mirrored room was revealed on the other side. Below the circled layers of steps was a formation of enhanced military soldiers. Each one had his or her own specialization of attacks, techniques, and weapons, unlike the harmonized New Earth Police. Just like the A.S.

"Are you pleased?" Sable asked, motioning toward his true trainees. "Allow me to introduce you to the new SS6 Formation. Fitted with the latest in technology and weaponry, trained in all forms of combat, and individualized to exploit their strengths, they're fused with DNA Matrix 1.2, making them abnormally strong fighters. Even you, Vecto, should know this."

Vecto looked at Sable and then at the room of waiting soldiers. He returned his gaze to Sable. "You're avoiding the question. Now where's Morphaal?"

"Here's the deal. If you can beat my soldiers . . . ." Sable walked past Vecto. "If you do, I'll tell you everything I know."

Vecto glanced at Crysilis. "Keep Sable in your sight," he commanded. He then returned his gaze on Sable. "I'm much different than before." He proceeded into the room.

Sable clicked his sleeve again, and the dividing wall between the rooms began to reform together, sealing Vecto with the SS6.

Vecto casually walked down the steps and scanned the blue room filled with diverse-looking soldiers, each with their own unique weapon or ability. "So, who wants to die first?"

The soldiers quickly readied their weapons as Vecto stood only inches from them.

"Oh? No volunteers? Well let me show you a secret," Vecto said. His body flickered. Coded information scrolled down his body as the holograph image of his red suit flickered off and on from what appeared to be a shield in the shape of a human. The shield became translucent, and it revealed a daunting sight--a single robotic orb surrounded by an arsenal of floating weaponry.

"Oh sh--" one of the soldiers yelled before getting shot.

(Vecto is a walking arsenal in disguise! Can he defeat the SS6 soldiers or are they more powerful than expected? And will Sable honor his side of the deal if Vecto wins? Find out more in the next installment of VECTO!)

(Oct. 23, 2014, update: You can buy my Vecto: Vengeance light novel on Amazon here: Vecto: Vengeance.)


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