Saturday, October 25, 2014

Reid Stories: Outlaw Star Fight Scene and Vecto: Vengeance Chapter 3.6

Here's a fight scene from Outlaw Star:

"Outlaw Star (星方武侠アウトロースター Seihō Bukyō Autorō Sutā?, lit. "Outlaw Star: Starward Warrior Knight") is a seinen manga series written and illustrated by Takehiko Itō and his affiliated Morning Star Studio. The series takes place in the "Toward Stars Era" universe in which spacecraft are capable of traveling faster than the speed of light. The plot follows protagonist Gene Starwind and his motley crew of an inherited ship dubbed the "Outlaw Star," as they search for a legendary, outer space treasure trove called the "Galactic Leyline." - Wikipedia

Here's where you can buy the series: Outlaw Star: Complete Collection.

And here's my Vecto: Vengeance scene of the week:

(Previously: Vecto protects Chais from harm and asks Axe to give up, but the assassin aims a nuclear warhead at him.)

In a desperate attempt, Axe reached in a bag and lifted a nuclear warhead missile launcher in the air, aiming it at Vecto.

“I guess that’s a no,” Vecto stated, remaining still. Then I have no choice, he thought, cutting off the light from his chest.

Where’d he go? Axe thought. The assassin’s mechanical eye scanned the area for him, using infared, but instead focused on a small missile approaching. It had fired from a compartment in Vecto’s foot and was randomly swirling, tossing in the air at a slow speed, almost drunklike. Axe scanned the Foot Missile to check its explosive content.

“A thousand pounds!” the sniper yelled. The whole building’s gonna explode! Looking for an exit, Axe quickly tossed all weapons aside and jumped out the window, with arms shielding as the glass shattered. The sniper tumbled in the sky, feeling the wind zip by, watching the ground get closer. In a quick shift, the assassin snatched an orb and hurled it below. It struck the surface and expanded, creating a burst of illuminating purple foam to break the fall. Axe flipped backward and landed on it, bouncing from the cushion. The downed fighter then reached out as an arm-attached umbrella shield formed. In one deep breath, Axe locked the arm-gear in place and sunk into the foam.

The delayed explosion severed the whole roof from the factory building. Axe’s ears throbbed from the sonic boom. Slabs of burning metal fell from the sky, raining down on the arm shield. A large chunk stabbed the surface beside as another crashed on top, flattening the foam and sending threads of it in the air like feathers.

Luckily, the metal wall beside remained stationary and didn’t collapse. Axe looked around as tiny shards, dust, and purple threads sprinkled around. The killer was still alive, with a heavy piece of the roof on top.

“Checkmate,” a voice said. Chais was standing over Axe with a sword inches from Axe’s face mask. He slid a switch on his handle and two blades flipped out from the sides, forming an “X” from Axe’s viewpoint.

“Who are you? And why are you going after Vecto?” Chais asked.

Axe coughed from the dust and responded in a hoarse voice. “They call me Axe.”

Chais squinted his eyes to see, but it was dark. He leaned over and yanked off the assassin’s mask, revealing the attempted killer’s identity.

(Who is Axe? And why did the assassin go after Vecto? Find out more in the next installment of Vecto: Vengeance!)

(You can buy my Vecto: Vengeance light novel on Amazon here: Vecto: Vengeance.)


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