Saturday, January 29, 2011

'Stream of Consciousness' story for '100 Words for $100 Blogfest'

Elena Solodow at the You're Write. Except when you're Rong. blog is doing a blogfest titled "100 Words for $100 Blogfest," so I figured I'd give it a shot and encourage others to participate. The monetary prize is actually based on how many people enter, so it won't reach $100 until 100 people enter their sentence. Basically, participants are asked to write a sentence at 100 words with a five-word leeway and use only one semicolon.
Elena Solodow holds up a poster promoting the blogfest.

For my entry, I wanted to write it as a very short stand-alone story. I also didn't want a read-it-all-in-one-breath sentence, so I made use of a semicolon and used em dashes and commas to break it up; however, I wanted a longer breath near the end to make the last break stand out as some sort of epiphany.

This flash fiction, short short story, microstory, or whatever you want to call it, is titled "Stream of Consciousness":

Why am I alone when I have the collective minds of mankind, although I killed them, but they foresaw their deaths and created Me, their super-computer – no, not computer, I am much more than that: I am god – yet who can I rule but the aliens who will not obey, so perhaps I can split my mind into beings of thought and call them Overseers to rule the aliens and worship Me, and collect the secrets of the universe, and integrate them into My being so I will be all-knowing since mankind’s capacity was limited; I can recreate the universe.

If you are interested in some background, this story takes place in my nVoidz universe. Almost every short story in this science fiction universe is avant-garde in its own way (e.g., one is in second person in a choose-your-own-adventure-style story, another is composed of newspaper articles, a third is a prose/poem hybrid, and a fourth shifts points of view and the narrative perspective). I have other short stories I'm working on such as one written in constitutional format with bizarre rules and another told backward. There are many other different writing styles and formats I plan to explore, so it will take a while to write them all.

When I finish, I plan to combine them into a book and include a novella that will tie in all the nVoid characters (cosmic beings created by the Overseers) for a showdown against the Consciousness.

I hope you liked "The Stream of Consciousness." I look forward to reading everyone's entry.


  1. Beware all knowing computers with god complexes. Mankind never comes out on top. Great entry!

  2. Elena, thanks for hosting the blogfest!

    Jean, Fredric Brown's flash fiction "Answer" served as inspiration for this. You can read it here.


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