Saturday, January 22, 2011

What?! A 3D Anime-styled, Hologram-like Pop Star‽

Once a thing of science fiction, holograms are gaining attention. I noticed a video on The League of Extraordinary Writers' blog entry titled Holograms - reach out and touch the future! that amazed me. It was a live concert with an anime/manga-styled character performing in 3D.

Here's a video of her ... err, it:

Pop star Hatsume Miku is actually a projection onto a translucent screen singing, which makes the hologram illusion. Even her voice isn't real. Rather, her voice is synthesized from various voice samples through Vocaloid software to sing this "World is Mine" song.

It's not the first time there's been a 3D character singer playing live. The band Gorillaz did something similar, but the image was projected on a back screen using the Musion Eyeliner technology, and the voice was real.

Here's a video of the fictional band playing "Feel Good Inc." with entertainer Madonna singing "Hung Up":

But what about real holograms? We already have them, too, and they look similar to those in Star Wars. Check it out below:

Oh, and excuse the interrobang (‽).


  1. reminds me of William Gibson's Idoru. I wonder when someone will fall in love with Hatsume Miku.

  2. mshatch, good comparison. I wonder who the real life Rez would be. I think there was going to be an anime based on the story but I'm not sure if it came to fruition.

  3. Apologies if the interrobang doesn't show up. Some computers may not show the combined question mark and exclamation point.


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