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Reid Picks: 'Anthem' by Ayn Rand

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I came across an article that mentions author Ayn Rand. The article, "Science fiction meets Disney in author’s first book" by Isabela Morales, was published online today, June 29, 2011, in the The Crimson White, which apparently is a student publication of the University of Alabama. To clarify, that article is about author Cory Doctorow, but Rand is mentioned.

The website also has another article on Rand ("Ayn Rand wrote science fiction?") that was published June 8.

Since I had already planned to blog about Rand's science fiction novella "Anthem," I find it ironic that I happened to randomly see an article mentioning the author. Anyway, here's what I have to say about the story:

Although Rand's views are controversial to many people -- I, too, disagree with some of her philosophies -- I enjoyed reading "Anthem." It's a great science fiction story that was first published in 1937 in England before it was printed in 1946 in the United States.

"Anthem" is a dystopian story that takes place in the future in which mankind has lost knowledge of past technologies. It's considered a science fiction book; however, it has no new technologies than those of today.

The word "I" has been erased from vocabulary, and those in the society refer to each other in plural form. Equality 7-2521 rediscovers electricity and the light bulb from the Unmentionable Times, and he is punished for it. He also has feelings for a women he names the Golden One, but love is forbidden as well. The theme of the book is how individualism is suppressed by collectivism. Throughout the story, the protagonist learns how to act as an individual and earn freedom.

The original story is in public domain for the United States and can be read online for free here and can be downloaded for free on Amazon for the Kindle here. Check it out.

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