Saturday, February 2, 2013

'Your Favorite Martian' Band Cancels Album

Have you ever heard of the band called Your Favorite Martian?

The group was going to come out with an album, but the project recently was canceled. However, the band's songs are still on YouTube, and it even had the No. 1 music channel for a while. The group uses fictional cartoon characters for its videos, which gives it a unique flavor. Although I don't like some of the songs because their content, I picked out a couple science-fiction-related music videos that are among the cleaner ones and posted them below.

If you like robots and humor, "Robot Bar Fight" is one to watch. It has some sexual themes and language but mild compared to other songs from the band.

What if you can control the world with Stormtroopers from Star Wars at your side? Well find out by watching the music video for "Take Over the World":


  1. Hi Reid,

    I'm a tech journalist and am just about to publish my first science fiction novel. Would be interested in sharing it with your audience here for a sneak peek - let me know if you're interested.

  2. John,

    Just message me to give me details.

  3. YFM was my all-time favorite band when it came out.I know he cartoon band members full names, listened to every song, even watched their one season web series on animonsters youtube page. Its a true shame that they canceled the album and stopped making music. Something to do with money disagreements with the record company I think.
    I sincerely hope they come back one day.


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