Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reid Stories: RoboCop Shooting Scene and VECTO Chapter 1.2

Here's a shooting scene from the 2014 RoboCop movie:

"The RoboCop franchise is an American cyberpunk media franchise featuring the futuristic adventures of Alex Murphy, a Detroit, Michigan police officer, mortally wounded in the line of duty who is converted into a powerful cyborg brand named Robocop at the behest of a powerful mega-corporation, Omni Consumer Products. Thus equipped, Murphy battles both violent crime in a severely decayed city and the blatantly corrupt machinations within OCP." - Wikipedia

Here's where you can find the new RoboCop movie: Robocop [Blu-ray].

And here's my VECTO scene of the week:

(Previously: Crysilis, a blue-armored cyborg, and Streamline, a brown-armored ex-commander, wait for battle as Botland, wearing a red powersuit, cuts through a door with a laser.)

Inside, New Earth Police officers rushed into position as a white laser beam penetrated the closed door. The military police officers grabbed their weapons hanging on the blue wall, moving in single file, letting the veterans barricade the front line with five-foot-tall energy shields. The head police clanked their frontal shields against the ground in a domino wave as the others hurried behind them. The commander stood in the back, shouting orders of alignment.

"Remain behind shields. Prepare to block incoming fire!" the commander barked, his voice echoing across the half-circle training room. "When I give the command, and only when I give the command, you will fire! Understood?"

"Sir, yes sir!" the group of 50 acknowledged. The last officers hurried down the middle aisle and took position, remaining still and silent in the open-floored room. They watched the laser beam disappear and heard a loud screech echo from the walls. It was an overbearing metal scraping sound like claws digging through a slate board.

As the cutout grinded from the hole, sweat from police officers' foreheads rolled down their faces, but they wouldn't dare remove their helmets. At last, the three-inch-thick oval tipped over and crashed. Smoke fumed from the entrance as a figure in a red powersuit casually ducked through the entrance and paced toward the military police.

"Steady!" Sable ordered.

Botland stopped in front of the two rows of policemen and peered through the middle at the commander.

"Surrender, or we'll open fire!" Sable warned.

The intruder didn't respond. He simply tilted his head and tauntingly raised his arm, pointing at the commander as if provoking an attack.

"Open fire!" Sable yelled.

The men and women in the front line, with their rifles in position against their shields, unleashed the first wave of gunfire even before the commander had finished speaking. Piercing Ira bullets slipped through streams of air molecules, impacting the intruder. The room was quickly engulfed in smoke.

"Cease-fire!" the commander ordered.

(What happened to Botland? Did you dodge the bullets or get shot? Find out more in the next installment of VECTO!)

(Oct. 23, 2014, update: You can buy my Vecto: Vengeance light novel on Amazon here: Vecto: Vengeance.)


  1. I still haven't seen this movie, but this clip changes my mind., Very cool Reid.

    1. I'm not sure if it's for fans of the original, though, because a lot changed and it seems to appeal to a new generation.


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