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Wattpad Tournament Entry: Semifinals: Vecto vs. Nixon

The semifinals are here for the Ultra Hyper Hero Battle Mark I on Wattpad that my character Vecto is in, and Vecto has already won. In this battle, Vecto faces Nixon from the story Hadis by ViktoriaRay. You can see the rules by clicking on the first link, so I won't go over them.

ViktoriaRay was busy this week and didn't have time to write her story, so Vecto wins by default and moves on to the finals. I'm predicting the final battle will be between Vecto and Sigma from Sigma/Star by Nick Uskoski, who organized the tournament. Here is the tournament lineup:

Let the match begin!

Nixon was hungry. He parked his 1965 Buick Riviera at a famous steak restaurant and looked at his date in the passenger seat. She had long, red hair and wore diamond earrings that dangled from her ears, a long red dress that showed off her curves, and red high heels.

“You look so lovely today,” Nixon said.

Fiona blushed. “And look at you!”

Nixon had short hair brown hair and wore a black suit with a black shirt and black tie. He knew she liked it. He wore this for her. He smiled and stepped out of the car, then opened her door and reached his hand out. She stepped out without taking his hand.

She’s playing hard to get, Nixon thought, looking up at her.

She was taller than the other girls he dated, and towered even more due to her high heels. He thought tall women avoided wearing high heels, but it didn’t matter. He was ready for a feast.

“Why thank you,” Fiona smiled. She strutted to the entrance but noticed the long line and frowned.

Nixon picked up on this. “How about take out? It’s a nice day for a picnic,” he said. He moved his hand to place it on her back, but she turned around.

“A picnic?”

“Yeah, I think the song birds deserve some company,” Nixon said with a smile. “What do you say? I know a great park we can eat at.”

“That would be delightful.”

Nixon ordered take-out with his phone and made small talk while they waited. Every time he got close, she backed away. It wouldn’t be long before he could claim his prize.

When the food came, Nixon directed her through an alley snug between towering buildings.

“Are you sure this is the way to the park?” Fiona asked as she trailed behind.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be safe with me,” Nixon said.

He came to an abrupt stop in the middle of the alleyway and sat the food down.

“Let’s eat,” Nixon said.

“But this isn’t the park . . .”

“I know. Thought you’d want to be alone. Never know what could happen.”

Nixon approached her, and his green eyes turned purple. He lifted his hand in front of her as purple smoke emitted from his palm. Just as expected, she backed into the wall. It was all too familiar to Nixon: The confusion, the terror, the helplessness. She probably felt like melting into the wall, he thought with a grin. The two weeks he spent watching her, waiting, was worth it.

“No! Stay away, you creep!” she screamed.

“Don’t be scared,” Nixon said. “It’s time for the main dish.” He placed his hand on her cheek, ready to taste her life energy. He spent two weeks studying her, two weeks learning her for the purpose of feeding. Only, the smoke didn’t devour her body. She was supposed to turn to ash, but she stood there, staring at him. She even smirked.

“How?” he asked.

She grabbed him by the throat and spun around, slamming him into the wall beside her.

“I’ve finally found you,” a deep, male voice said from her body.

He grabbed her arms to free his throat but couldn’t. How could she possibly have the strength to hold him? Worse yet, was he on a date with a man?

“Who . . . are you?” he asked, barely speaking.

The image of a woman flickered and disappeared. Left in its place were metal pieces arranged into the shape of a human. The first thing Nixon noticed was the thing’s deathly face. Then he saw an orb in his chest.

“I am Vecto. I am your opponent.”

Still being choked, Nixon punched Vecto in the face, but his face barely budged.

“Did the . . . did the gods send you here . . . to eliminate the Hadis!?” Nixon asked.

“No. I came from the future on my own terms.”

Thoughts bombarded Nixon’s mind. Did the humans create this thing in the future? Did they create a time machine as well to seek revenge against the Hadis?

Nixon couldn’t let himself be beaten so easily. He used his enhanced strength and speed to turn the tables. He grabbed Vecto in the face and rushed him into the other wall, slamming his head into the brick wall. Vecto let go of Nixon’s throat, but Nixon wasn’t finished. Holding Vecto’s head against the wall, he dragged him against the rough surface as he ran down the alley, scattering pieces of bricks, leaving behind a trail of destruction. At the end of the alley, he tossed Vecto into the street at an incoming vehicle. Vecto’s body smashed into the moving car, causing the front end to cave in. But as the car fishtailed around him, Vecto gained his balance and planted himself firmly on the ground. He grabbed the side bumper as the rear of the car came into view and spun the vehicle around him, using its momentum to toss the vehicle at Nixon.

Nixon saw this and leaped in the air. The rear of the car crashed into the building, barely passing below him. Nixon came down at Vecto with a punch but struck something invisible just in front of Vecto’s head. A loud thud echoed around them from the force of his blow, shattering nearby store windows, but Vecto was unfazed.

His body still in the air from the punch, Nixon’s face turned to shock as that invisible field jolted, pushing him away. Nixon’s back slammed into the wall next to the fuming car as Vecto remained in the middle of the street. It all happened so fast. The nearby cars were just now swerving to miss Vecto.

He needed food, Nixon thought. He needed power. He looked over at the driver of the crashed vehicle. He could hear her screams and sobs. She was bloody but still alive, just what he needed. Purple smoke emitted from his hands. Nixon mentally directed the fumes to the driver and let it do its work. He fed off her life force, burning her from the inside out, turning her to ashes. Much better, he thought as he stepped out from the impression his body made in the wall.

“You are a mere obstacle before I face my true opponent!” Vecto said.

“An obstacle? I came from a god!” Nixon yelled.

“When I defeat you,” Vecto continued, “I will have one more opponent to face before I take on Morphaal!”

Morphaal? Is he an offspring from Morpheus, the god of dreams? Nixon thought. That had to be it. How else can there be someone as powerful as him. It had to be one of Morpheus’ dreams.

“You have no idea who you’re messing with . . .” Nixon said, stepping toward the street as drivers honked their horns. The smart drivers got out of their cars to flee.

“I came from Hades!” Nixon continued and faced his palms toward the ground. “Hasn’t anyone told you not to play with fire!?”

Purple smoke streamed from Nixon’s hands, swirling underneath the cars, making its way through cracked windows and air vents. He sucked the life force from the drivers, and with a motion of his hands, engulfed the cars in flames. Vehicles exploded around Vecto, and the blaze towered in the sky.

Satisfied, Nixon leaned against a telephone pole, laughing as the fire grew. His laugh stopped. He saw a shadow in the flames. It was walking--walking toward him. Emerging from the flames was Vecto.

“You cannot penetrate my shields with cavemen fire,” Vecto said.

That’s when Nixon noticed his shield. Smoke gathered around an invisible barrier, being sucked in. This thing was feeding off the fire, Nixon thought. If he only he could suffocate it.

The shield grew, devouring the vehicles within it. Once inside, the cars levitated, aimlessly floating as if in outer space.

“I’m not finished,” Nixon calmly said.

He stepped back from the wooden telephone pole and sent purple smoke at its base. He grabbed the pole as he burned off the bottom, then swung at Vecto’s dome shield as it came closer, seeing if electricity would do the trick.

The pole cracked, the wires sparked, and the wood slowly disintegrated. It did nothing against the shield. That was the least of his worries. Vecto was now mentally sending the cars flying toward him!

Nixon leaped on top of one, then jumped to the left as a truck crashed into it in midair. As he landed on the concrete surface, a car struck him in his side and sent him flying into a building.

The sound of police sirens were getting closer. Vecto retracted his shield to normal and walked into the building where Nixon lay.

“I would have thought that an offspring of a Hades would be tougher,” Vecto said, his forceful steps echoing in the room.

“Just give me a minute,” Nixon said, holding his side as he stood. “I figured out your weakness.”

“And what might that be?”

“Look for yourself.”

Vecto looked at his body to see the faint tint of purple smoke covering his shield, making his shield fluctuate.

“Ha! You’ve got a life force after all, don’t you?” Nixon said. “Quite tasty, too.”

Vecto looked back at Nixon and rushed at him, grabbing his throat. He continued his movement, running forward with Nixon in his grasp. Vecto forced him through a wall, then another. His speed grew as he slammed Nixon through every wall he came to. Flame ignited from Vecto’s feet, and the run turned into flying. Vecto now drug Nixon’s body against the surface, through one building to the next, from one wall through many more, through cars and street lamps, trees, and railings. A sonic bomb echoed as Vecto blasted his way through the town with Nixon held at the throat. Buildings exploded, and streets were set ablaze. He reached a forest, grinding Nixon to a halt, leaving behind a trail miles long.

Vecto let go, and Nixon’s sitting body slumped against a tree--his clothes torn to shreds, his body bloody, and his bones broken.

“If this is all the gods can come up with,” Vecto said. “Then perhaps I should challenge them, instead.”

Vecto turned around and walked off, leaving the motionless body of Nixon behind.

He only took a few steps before his body collapsed. Vecto gathered his body parts back together, this time using floatation technology instead of the zero-gravity atmosphere his shield produced. He was missing his shield. He saw a slither of purple smoke and followed it back to Nixon.

The purple smoke was gathered around Nixon’s body, healing him. He’s seen this healing before--from the powerful martial arts fighter Leroy Johnson.

Nixon giggled. “That--now that was a feast!” he said with a slur. “I’ve . . . I’ve never been this . . . ohh, drunk! Who would’ve known . . . ah ... all that life force was in that . . . force field thingy!”

Nixon tried to stand but fell down. He tried again and leaned against a tree. As if there was an annoying fly around him, he swatted the air. Purple smoke fumed from his hands, flowing around him in a dance as he tried to swat it away.

Vecto watched, curious as to his next move. Even without his shields, Vecto wasn’t worried.

Nixon curled inward as if he was going to puke, but he laughed instead. With a quick jolt of his body, he looked up with his arms outstretched to his sides. Flames burst from his body, igniting the forest on fire. Waves of fire devoured the trees and killed whatever creature stood in its path. The fire spread, stretching for miles. It turned the trees into ash and the ground into a wasteland. The heat grew more intense, turning the ground into molten lava.

Vecto stood, watching as the ground boiled and burst lava around him.

“If you think that you can melt my body, you should rethink your strategy,” Vecto said. “I was built with valignium to withstand the core of my home planet. You cannot melt me!”

“Ha-ha! I was stronger . . . oh . . . stronger than all humans combined. . . . Now you . . .you made me a god!” Nixon yelled, standing in the center of the flames.

Vecto had enough. He activated his flame boosters from his feet to hover above the lava and jetted toward Nixon for the final showdown.

Nixon laughed as Vecto approached. He dodged Vecto’s punch and reached his hand into Vecto’s chest. Grabbing the orb within, Nixon unleashed his concentrated life force into the orb, mixed with his purple fumes. He pushed down on Vecto, sending his orb and chest plate into the lava below, drowning it, smothering it.

Fire emitted from Nixon’s purple eyes as he clutched the orb in the lava, letting his power eat the orb from the inside out. He yelled, and with one strong grip, crushed Vecto’s orb with the rest of his energy. It exploded, creating a volcano. Lava and volcanic rocks burst into the skies from the force of the explosion.

When it all settled, Nixon staggered--his body halfway in lava. It took all the energy he just gained from Vecto to take him out.

“I’m going to need a lot of coffee!” he said to himself. He closed his eyes to rest and fell face first into the lava.

(Oct. 23, 2014, update: You can buy my Vecto: Vengeance light novel on Amazon here: Vecto: Vengeance.)

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