Saturday, September 25, 2010

Iron Man Trivia

It's interesting how Marvel and DC comic book gurus developed into multi-million dollar powerhouses over the years, spawning comic book stories into TV shows, movies, action figures, etc. (so much so that Disney bought out Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion). But how much do you know about the characters' history--when they were first introduced in comic books?

Let's take Iron Man for example, one of the most famous science fiction-leaning characters. Below is a quick trivia to test your knowledge about Iron Man.

1. Iron Man comics have long been published by what company?
2. What year did Iron Man first appear in a comic?
3. Who created the Iron Man character?
4. During what war was Tony Stark (Iron Man) injured in the orginial comics?
5. What is the name of the scientist who helps build Iron Man's original armor?

Answers: 1. Marvel Comics 2. 1963 3. Stan Lee 4. Vietnam War 5. Ho Yinsen

If you didn't notice, some answers were in the comic book picture.

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