Wednesday, September 15, 2010

List of Science Fiction Conventions in Virginia

If you are a science fiction writer, conventions are a great way to receive writing tips and to meet authors and publishers. Or, if you don't write but love science fiction, you may like to go to a convention for the costume contests, authors, artists, actors and/or actresses, video games, anime, etc.

To help you find the right convention in Virginia, below are some science fiction conventions I know about. They are listed in order of date. I'll list conventions in North Carolina for my next blog. Feel free to post any conventions you know about in other states.

Some science fiction conventions in Virginia are:

MarsCon (
Jan. 14-16, 2011
Holiday Inn Patriot, Williamsburg, Va.
Notable guest: "The Dresden Files" author Jim Butcher
Rates: $30 until Dec. 1, then $35 until Jan. 1; $40 afterward

MystiCon (
Feb. 25-27, 2011
Holiday Inn Tanglewood, Roanoke, Va.
Notable guests: author Allen Wold; actress Brinke Stevens
Rates: $30 before Dec. 31, $35 afterward

ShevaCon (
March 4-6, 2011
Sheraton Roanoke Hotel & Conference Center, Roanoke, Va.
Notable guests: authors Peter Beagle and Steve White, and actress Virginia Hey who was Zhaan in Farscape (New York Times Bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson was at this year's convention)
Rates: $40 until Dec. 31; $25 for Saturday until Dec. 31

Ravencon 2010 (
April 8-10, 2011
Holiday Inn Koger Center, Richmond, Va.
Notable guest: New York Times bestselling author John Ringo
Rates: $30 by Dec. 31; $35 by March 25; $40 at the door; $25 Saturday only

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