Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reid Project: Join in; write continuation of story

If you're a writer and want to keep the creativity flowing, comment below. For a writing exercise, I wrote a few sentences of a story and am asking you to add a few more lines to it.

You can post your continuation of the story in a comment box, and you can comment (add more to the story) as much as you like. You retain all of your ideas, original names and so forth you may contribute to this collaborative story but allow others to use them for this project. Keep the posts clean and appropriate.

The story:

Aidan Rockwell wrestled with a Echlod on planet Kapetch.

The creature was gray with splotches of brown callouses--and its skin felt like the insides of a freshly cut stone from the Cromaja mine. With a push of its horns, it rammed Aidan in a stumplike plant and snatched the last of his food rations that dangled from his neck.

1 comment:

  1. Aidan was scared, desperate and all alone. He reached over to snatch back his only means of survival, but the Echlod saw his intentions and stabbed his arm with his horns, cutting deep through it. Blood gushed out.


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