Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reid Q&A: About me and this blog

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Who am I? Ahem! I'm a author who, after publishing nonfiction articles in a variety of magazines and newspapers, decided to launch my career in science fiction writing.

What do I do? I write science fiction stories, whether they are books or short stories.

What sparked my interest in writing? It started when a genius classmate and friend of mine wrote an astounding science fiction story for a class project in middle school. He spearheaded a science fiction group, and I became a part of it. As the collaborative universe we created grew, I befriended other great budding authors who became a part of it. They helped me in so many ways throughout the years become a better writer. And I am eternally grateful for their friendship.

What have I written? I finished my first novel while in college and am halfway through my second one. (Professional authors say that the experience you gain from the first book you write is like riding a bicycle with training wheels. I totally agree. Utilize what you've learned from writing your first novel and continue on to the second one. Odds are that the second book will be a far greater piece of work.) I've also written multiple short stories and have just recently begun submitting them to publishers.

Why did I create this website? I wanted to provide you, the science fiction fans, with what you love--stories, tips, resources, and whatever else science-fiction related information I can muster. Check in later for more posts. And feel free to comment on what topics you'd like to read.

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