Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reid Picks: Top 10 science fiction movies

It's time for a top 10 list. But on what? Science fiction movies, of course!

If you poll random people and ask them what they think of when they hear the words "science fiction," what would they say? I speculate they'll likely name a science fiction movie, such as those in the Star Wars or Star Trek universe.

Science fiction movies are so ingrained in society that it's only natural to talk about them. So here is a list of my favorite science fiction movies (remember, they are my personal favorites and are ranked solely by my interest in them):

10. Avatar
- I saw the movie in 3D (the new crave, I guess) and enjoyed the emotional scenes. However, I was disappointed that the future of humanity consisted of today's military and society, minus the spacecrafts.

- It's a somewhat silent movie that I can relax and watch multiple times. It proves that actions speak louder than words.

8. Spaceballs
- It's a laugh-out-loud movie that parodies Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien and other science fiction movies of the time. What else can I say?

7. Iron Man and Iron Man 2
- You get to see Tony Stark kick butt in his mechanical armor. The armor rocks!

6. I, Robot
- Yes, I know people will argue that it's nothing like Isaac Asimov's classic collection of short stories (except some names and the Three Laws of Robotics), but I love the movie regardless.

5. Terminator movies 1, 2, and 4
- I guess you have probably figured out that I like machines/robots, so naturally, I have to have Terminator on the list. This doesn't include Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

4. Iria: Zeiram the Animation
- What movie is this? It's one of my all-time favorite anime movies (although technically it's six episodes). I first saw it on the Sci-Fi Channel (way before they renamed to SyFy) and spent years tracking it down until I finally bought a copy. It seems that in addition to robots, I also like bounty hunters.

3. Matrix trilogy
- Should you take the red or blue pill? I'm glad I took the red one. Although many people only like the first movie, I enjoy the other ones for the action scenes.

2. Star Wars trilogies
- Star Wars is one of the most successful movie franchises of all time. There's no reason for me to explain why these are some of my top favorite movies. And, yes, I enjoy the prequels, too, except for The Phantom Menace.

And my personal top favorite movie (series) is:

1. Robotech/Macross movies
- I gather that you would have never guessed these were my top favorite movies. Basically, I have loved the Robotech animated series since I was a kid and have been hooked ever since. If you haven't heard of the series, it's a space opera with mecha and alien spaceships. It was based on three separate Japanese anime shows such as Macross and had essentially helped spread anime in America. Although the movies aren't as good as the TV episodes, they are high on my list because I collect and enjoy anything Robotech/Macross. A live action movie is reportedly in the works with Tobey Maguire leading its production ... I just hope it doesn't turn out awful.

So there you have it--my top 10 favorite science fiction movies. Of course, there are other great movies that either didn't make the cut or that I haven't seen yet. For instance, I plan to watch Inception .. I heard it was good ... but will it make my top 10 favorite movie list?

What are your favorites?

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