Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vecto: Vengeance is published! Get the scoop on how I got my start.

Front cover proof.
My Vecto: Vengeance book has finally been released! It was officially released as an ebook on Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014, and is available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and other online retail websites. The print edition is coming soon.

It was edited by Paul Witcover, who has worked with Tor, Del Rey, Tokyopop, and DC Comics. Also, it has been described as the first original English language light novel published by an American company. It's published by Vic's Lab, LLC, a startup company that want's to start a community of sci-fi/fantasy fans who like superheroes, anime, etc.

I'm already working on Book 2, so hopefully if the first book does well, I can get the second one published.

Ever wonder how I started to write and how I found Wattpad? Here's my story:

I created the character Vecto in 1996 when I was in middle school. He originally consisted of floating triangles and squares and soon acquired the Flummox Capacitor orb that emitted his impregnable shields and housed his memory. The character stayed the same for the most part except for upgrades in design and a darker personality for Vecto: Vengeance.

I created the character as part of a group my friends and I created called the Alpha Squad. We each created a character that served as our nickname. Other characters at the time were Gyro, Phantom, and Shadow. We soon made rules that new members had to create and draw a character and write a story. Phantom and Shadow left, and our next member didn't come until a year later. His character was Crysilis, and he introduced a secondary character, Streamline.

Back cover proof.
We stayed like that until high school. Gyro left, and I took the initiative to find new members: Zibolt, Sirkay, and Chance. Secondary characters were femalesNarra, Prodigy, and Amuleteuntil we got a female member, Rho. Other members followed.

High school was when I really focused on writing. Until then, I wrote a dozen pages here and there of different stories. Now I actually stuck with one book. I, Sirkay, and Chance would write a chapter a week and exchange chapters to read. We did this for years until that one book for me turned out to be four and Sirkay's book turned out to much, much longer. Chance's story could be divided into two.

I finished the book series in college and started on what now became Vecto: Vengeance. I tossed my pencil aside and started typing this one since it was more work to hand write a story that would have to be typed anyway. Plus, I avoided hand cramps, running out of pencils and paper, and making too many unsightly corrections in the margins.

The Alpha Squad went downhill, and I only wrote off and on. I stuck with this story because I wanted to tell the story of the old Alpha Squad transitioning to the new one (the era that started the new Alpha Squad with members Sirkay, Chance, etc.). I decided to do that instead of starting from the beginning because we had more written material to work with.

After years of breaks and a divided Alpha Squad, I decided to share the story with others. I wanted an audience like I had with my friends. I did some research on websites where you can post stories and wrote a blog post listing them. It became my most popular post on this site, and I settled on Wattpad. When I started to get a lot of reads, votes, and followers, I took publishing seriously.

Any consumer reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple websites would be very helpful. You can find a link to the Amazon page here.

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