Saturday, November 22, 2014

Reid Stories: Sin & Punishment Game and Vecto: Vengeance Chapter 4.4

Here's a review of an awesome shooter game for the Nintendo Wii called Sin & Punishment: Star Successor:

"Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, released in Europe as Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies, and in Japan as Sin and Punishment: Sora no Kōkeisha (罪と罰 ~宇宙(そら)後継者(こうけいしゃ) Tsumi to Batsu: Sora no Kōkeisha?, lit. "Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Universe") is a 2009 rail shooter video game developed by Treasure and published by Nintendo. It is the sequel to the Nintendo 64 video game Sin and Punishment." - Wikipedia

Here's where you can buy it: Sin and Punishment: Star Successor - Nintendo Wii.

And here's my Vecto: Vengeance scene of the week:

(Previously: Leroy Johnson makes a deal with Vecto: If Vecto wins a fight against him, Leroy will tell him where Zendora is, but if Vecto loses, he'll have to stay for brunch.)

As the battle went on at Leroy's ranch, Crysilis and Streamline were going in circles trying to find where Leroy could be. It should have been a straight shot, but the earlier darkness had confused Crysilis.

"How are we going to find this place if we don't even know what it looks like?" Crysilis asked as they walked through a forest.

"Dunno. So what's the guy like?" Streamline asked as he stepped over a snake slithering by his feet.

"Hm, let's see. Tall, like you and Vecto, sort of country looking," Crysilis explained as he held a branch away from his blockish helmet as he walked.

"So what does he do?" Streamline continued.

"He's a farmer, I think. Doesn't quite like technology, too."

"So what's with us being in the forest?"

Crysilis thought about it. "Good question."

Streamline stopped to lean against a thick tree and look up at the branches and leaves blocking the sun. "You know, now that the sun's up, you can hover in the sky and look for a farm. That'll be the easiest thing to do."

Crysilis paused at that thought. "You know what? That's brilliant! Why didn't I think about it?"

Steamline shrugged.

In a flash, Crysilis teleported in the sky as his antigravity suit function kicked in, keeping him suspended. He shielded his helmet's blue visor from a glare and scanned the horizon. The sun was to his right, so it should be to his left. In the distance, he saw a hill filled with crops. There were a nearby lake and mountains in the horizon, a stark contrast to murky factory and landscape behind. It had to be where Leroy was, he thought. As he lowered himself back to the forest, he heard an explosion in that direction. Yep, that's the place, he thought.

(What will Crysilis and Streamline do when they locate Vecto? Find out more in the next installment of Vecto: Vengeance!)

(You can buy my Vecto: Vengeance light novel on Amazon here: Vecto: Vengeance.)

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