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Reid Stories: Xenosaga Trilogy plus Vecto: Vengeance Chapter 4.2

The Xenosaga video games for the PlayStation 2 are spiritual prequels to Xenogears. Here's a fan-made trailer of the three Xenosaga video games for the PlayStation 2:

"Xenosaga (ゼノサーガ Zenosāga?) is a series of science fiction video games developed by Monolith Soft and published by Namco Bandai. Xenosaga's main story is in the form of a trilogy of PlayStation 2 video games. There have been three spin-off games and an anime adaptation. The Xenosaga series serves as a spiritual successor to the game Xenogears, which was released in 1998 for the PlayStation by Square. The creator of both Xenogears and Xenosaga is Tetsuya Takahashi, who left Square in 1998 along with Hirohide Sugiura. Using funds from Namco, they started MonolithSoft and the Xenosaga project." - Wikipedia

Here's where you can buy the first game of the trilogy: Xenosaga - PlayStation 2.

And here's my Vecto: Vengeance scene of the week:

(Previously: Crysilis and Streamline find Chais, who tells them where Vecto is headed. He is off to find martial arts master Leroy Johnson, someone Vecto considers a traitor.)

With every step, Vecto recalled memories of Leroy. "Leroy Johnson," he repeated, loathing that name. The word "traitor" came to mind as his feet stomped along a grassy path squeezed between corn fields. It was almost dawn now as orange, yellow, and red tainted the sky. In every battle that ravaged on Acaterra, Leroy simply stayed at his farm, not fighting, as hundreds of men died protecting New Earth. And yet all of Leroy's enormous power went to waste--tilling the ground, Vecto thought. How selfish of him.

Vecto cleared the corn field and could see a log cabin in the distance on a slight hill, surrounded by fields of grass and fruit trees. This was the place all right, Vecto thought. His translucent shields were tainted with yellow as they formed an inch over his hovering body parts, the first shield around his flummox compositor orb, the second coating his body and the third layered over for expansion. The pieces of his body contracted to lower his height to 7 feet tall, and his shield began to shape into a human form, fleshing color and changing texture. He soon looked like a tall, bulky human--very convincingly.

He continued his journey up the hill and arrived at the cabin. To his left was a white-bearded man wearing black overalls and a white shirt. He was bulky, Amish-like in appearance, and donning a black top hat. Standing beside a carriage, he was scooping hay into it with a three-pronged pitch fork. He stopped his task to stare at Vecto as he passed.

To Vecto's right was a sheep dog, joyfully running around with its tongue flapping in the air, chasing a rabbit.

And straight ahead was Leroy, leaning against the wooden post of his porch with his arms crossed. The wide brim of his straw hat shielded his eyes as if he pretended to be asleep. He was wearing his usual outfit, blue overalls and a dirty-white T-shirt.

Leroy tapped his hat upward and smirked, chewing a peace of straw dangling from his mouth. He delighted in the fresh morning smell of his farm as birds chirped and a rooster crowed. Finally, he greeted his new guest. "Howdy!" he said in a country accent.

"Leroy Johnson," Vecto slowly pronounced. "It has been a while ... I didn't think you would still live here after all of these years."

Leroy smiled. He looked the same as he did 14 years ago when Vecto first met him--somewhere around his thirties.

"Ah, Vecto Bot," Leroy said, unfooled by Vecto's disguise. "Been some years, hadn't it? So what's a robot like you doin' in these parts?"

"Just passing through. I heard you know where Zendora is." Vecto restrained himself from fighting. He removed his disguise to conserve power and revealed his body made of silver pieces.

"Zendora, you say? And what of it?" Leroy asked, stroking his clean-shaven face.

"I need to know where it is," Vecto stressed his words. "It's important."

Leroy tipped his hat again. "Must be, I reckon. But I ain't gonna help ya." he said, pushing his body off the post and walking for his screen door.

Vecto raised his Blaster 3,000 gun at him. "You know where it is. So tell me!" he demanded.

Leroy shook his head, not even looking back. "Tisk, tisk. A little obsessed, might ya say?"

"You could've helped us kill Morphaal!" Vecto yelled. "All this wouldn't have happened. Innocent people wouldn't have died, Morphaal wouldn't be coming back, and Gyro would still be alive!"

Leroy glanced back. "I cain't undo the past, kiddo."

"You coward!" Vecto yelled, firing his gun.

Leroy spun around and sent the energy blast away. The speed had flipped the brim of his hat up some, revealing his blue eyes covered by rugged reddish-brown hair.

(How can Leroy swat Vecto's blast away? Does Vecto stand a chance? And will Leroy tell him where Zendora is? Find out more in the next installment of Vecto: Vengeance!)

(You can buy my Vecto: Vengeance light novel on Amazon here: Vecto: Vengeance.)

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